Rainforest Tour (Enbas Saut Trail)

This trail is within the 19,000 acres of Central Rainforest Reserve: six miles East of Soufriere at the foot of the highest mountain Mt. Gimie. The Enbas Saut Trail is 2.5 miles (5km) cut trail remote, wild and unbelievably scenic, with a combination of rainforest, cloud forest, elfin woodlandlands and wildlife. Birds common to the area include the St. Lucian parrot, the St. Lucia black finch, the blue-hooded euphonia and mountain whistler Piton Canarie, Piton Troumassee and Mount Gimie stand predominantly not too far from the trail. Enbas Saut when translated to English means “below the falls”. Thus the trail is most famous for its two cascading waterfalls and pools at the head of the Troumassee river. You’ ll walk down on solid ground as well as scores of wooden steps before reaching the waterfall and natural pool that’s a popular swimming spot. After you do have the option of a local lunch.

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