Saint Luica Water Taxi

If you ever find yourself on Saint Lucia, you will clearly not want to leave again, and the main reasons for this are quite clear. Saint Lucia is one of the most lovely and majestic places not just in the Caribbean but anywhere on the entire planet. For tourists and visitors, one of the most memorable things to do is moving all over the island on Saint Lucia water taxis. We have an entire fleet of these delightful taxis and their job is to take you from one exciting part of Saint Lucia to the other and as you might have guessed, the wondrous Anse Chastanet Beach and Sugar Beach are some of the most well-known destinations for locals and tourists alike. These beaches have been rightly described as some of the most beautiful beaches in Saint Lucia and there are very good reasons for that.

 Take Sugar Beach for example, it has some of the finest white sands and when it contrasts with the blue water and the blue sky, it is truly a heavenly sight to behold. Anse Chastanet Beach is well known for its great Snorkel points You can enjoy not just the breeze on these beaches but some of the finest coffee mixes, spicy meals and the freshest calypso drinks to the background of soul-lifting music.

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